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When in Fukuoka , Big Bang hosted a fan meeting which each of the members were asked what they liked most about Daesung

(they were asked this because it was his birthday event)
GD: "Daesung is.....good at night" (^__^) Fans: *going crazy* GD: "When we record Daesung's condition is always better at night"
SR: "I like that thing he does with his mouth....he can do it well......" *awkward silence* SR: "Eating....singing...." *awkward silience*
YB: "What I like most about Daesung is...." *mood intensifies* YB: " rabu, rabu" (^__^)
lol I don't even know what this group is anymore XD
(I'll link everything here later so you guys can see....but in the mean time plz enjoy Seungri trying to limbo XD lol)
When you no longer know why you Stan Bigbang then this kinda thing reminds you.. Fan service too legit.
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They are Bingu Bang... Members of Bingu CLUB... and I am VIP of Bingu forever😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
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