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We all have imperfections.

What some see as beauty, we find to take away from our overall beauty. Whether it be that one chipped tooth, that one eye that is bigger than the other, our full lips or even a birthmark we were born with.
In this case, a 23-year old woman who was born with a birthmark covering the right side of her face decided to embrace the beauty in her 'flaw'.
Growing up, like most children, Paige Billiot suffered from bullying. Throughout the years, she later learned to turn a negative into a positive and she started a project entitled 'Flawless Affects' [see here] where she showcases her birthmark in a series of portraits incorporated by art.
In the project she gives her birthmark a brand new makeover by decking it out in beautiful colors and glitter pushing forth the idea that flaws can be seen as beautiful too. Keep scrolling to check out the amazing project below and hopefully it helps you learn to embrace your flaws too.

How beautiful are these images?

What's one flaw you're learning to embrace?
That's really creative. So many people worry about what others think of their flaws instead of making them more beautiful or unique
Exactly and she did just that!!! I love it @primodiva93
1st answer I like the artwork 2nd answer cardinal rule IX
yes! I am following her well. I love how she brought light and positivity to something that several people deal with on the daily @Jasminep96
Yes, we all have our flaws and I sure have a few of my own, but these images are very beautiful and I love the creativity she used to express art and beauty through her birthmark. I'm going to follow her now hahah
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