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Don’t say such sad things I knew this would happen I thought things would quiet down now I won’t look back Don’t lower your heart

I thought you would come from over there.....

But another part of me knows you’ll leave some day

Now I can tell just by looking
I took off the used up glow in the dark stars If you were looking for a faint light

I used to wait for tomorrow so much

But not anymore.....

I got used to it so I lost the feeling Scenes that passed by are spreading before me Even if I come across that moment again It won’t be the same as now Familiarity is a common sense

I feel like I’m not here anymore

Everyone knows about this in life....
Everyone leaves like that They’re probably already far away No one will come here So I just wanna go back home
Oh yeah this song has been boss.
You know what I really like? Your card for this song. I can tell that you have a fondness for this and the original song. ♥ I really like this song too. ^u^
@StephanieDuong I know right??? I mean....I love the original but this cover is ALL THE THINGS. Chance has been my lowkey bae for awhile.....he's absolutely amazing.
OMGGGGG. This song sounds SO GOOD. (*゚ロ゚)