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When Jimin bullies Taehyung (Btw does anyone want 11dollars?)

Obviously he was joking around with V but don't you just love the 95 line?! ~~<3

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Yeah just like brothers 😊😊 @MirandaStephens
a year ago·Reply
we are both broke...
a year ago·Reply
I want to know where that famous pic/gif of Tae hugging (a sleeping) Jimin is from
a year ago·Reply
Hmm to be honest, i have no idea it was on google and i thought it was so cute so i saved it. 😆 Im sorry i couldn't answer your question. 😔 @KokoroNoTakara
a year ago·Reply
@PolarStarr It's ok... I just love TaeTae... I would love to know whether or not Chimchim is actually asleep or pretending... I see Tae hugging him regardless in both scenarios... Cuz Tae is awesome...
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