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hey guys! im sorry i didnt get the 4th chapter of My Chance or my Taehyung Tuesday cards up yesterday. ive getten even more sick plus we have state tests for the rest of the week. so im pretty busy. buuuut i am done with chapter 4 and will post it after i get out of school today along with a late tuesday card and my Wild and Sexy Wednesday card too. this week im doing aegyo! so be prepared to be overrun with adorableness!! <3 plus chapter 4 is pretty intense! i love you all! thanks for the support!
It was good! :) hopefully she's ok :)
@sarahdarwish thank you! And I don't know if for the next chapter I should skip ahead or put in "fillers" from Jae's pov. Like how he takes the fact that she was hurt. If I do that it will probably also include an input from Dray an Kay too! Just a little hint!!!πŸ’‹πŸ€—