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Hair Yes or Hair No: Men Getting Hair Added On

Okay, ladies let's not be hypocritical.

A lot of women in the world get weaves and extensions, that's life. Whether your man accepts you with your fake hair is between the two of you.
As of lately, I've been seeing a lot of men on social media who are lacking in the hair department get hair added on to make them appear not only more youthful, but as if it's there hair.
I can't really say I'm a fan. Although, it does look rather realistic -- something just doesn't sit well with me. Ladies, please back me up on this one. I know it's no different from a woman getting hair added on, but it just doesn't seem like something I would want my man to do. I rather him have a bald head than add on hair.

Ladies, are you with this new trend?

Would you feel some type of way if you man got hair added on?
Men, would you give this a try if it came down to it?
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@jordanhamilton lol no...yes he does..pony's gone wild
a year ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton Lol now that you have that thought.. try looking at a horse the same
a year ago·Reply
lol, @jordanhamilton, my daughter's father has loc extensions, sooooo, the same we as woman want hair and to look good, if it works for the man, let them experience a good lace frontal unit too. lmao.
a year ago·Reply
I've noticed a lot of men getting loc extensions lately, as long as they look natural I'm cool with that lol @mscocoasupreme
a year ago·Reply