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Again follows to the second semester of the first season!! This season was even more ecchi and had a lot of good sexy shots and moments, can't go without those in an anime like this!! Follows the same mecha principle but another good season!! Rated: 6.86/10 IMAL2 My rating: 7/10 Add it to the list NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
@ReaperSteel I haven't looked into it a whole lot but I've seen postings about it but I don't know if it's been officially stated by the creators or not!! It would be sweet to see the story get finished though and the mystery of the sister!!
Laura's sister at the very end
@LuffyNewman no his friend, the dude he was playing video games with, his sister
@akatsubaki71 no for rin Cecilia yeah as well kinda haha but still funny to watch them want it but try and hide it lol
@LuffyNewman the part on that ova with cecilia (and partly rin) was just noooo
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