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When we get into a relationship, we realize what matters and what doesn't. What we said would matter to us before initially settling down really doesn't bother us as much as we thought it would. As usual, many of us go into relationships with expectations and with expectation comes disappointment. In order to remove all traces of disappointment even before you and your prospective level make the agreement to move further in your relationship, you must first squash all expectations you have.
As much as we think those things would matter to us, at the end of the day they don't stand a chance. If you've ever found yourself having too many expectations or requirements for a person, then you know first hand what I'm talking about. If you're hoping to move forward with someone in the future and want to rid yourself of those things that don't matter, keep scrolling and check out a handful of expectations we usually have going into a relationship that really don't seem to matter at the end of the day.

How much a person makes financially.

While this crosses the minds of many, at the end of the day this honestly isn't any of our business. As long as the person has a stable job and they are making living for themselves, that's really all that matters.

Why they are single and how long they have been single.

The fact of the matter is that they're single and they're interested in you. Why they're single and how long they've been single shouldn't really be any of our concern.

What his taste in clothing happens to be.

While we all love someone who can look put together on site, the clothes don't make the man -- the man makes the clothes. We should be less focused on what he's wearing and more focused on what's within.

How many people he's been with on an intimate level.

Is it really your place to even ask this type of question? What's in the past should be left in the past. It would be a plus if he hasn't been with anyone on a sexual level, but if he has -- so be it.

How tall he is in comparison to your height requirements.

Ladies love them tall, that's no secret -- but his height should not make or break the relationship. If he doesn't happen to measure up to your height requirements, but he has the biggest heart in the world -- don't be silly. You know what matters most.

Can you add a few to the list?

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@jordanhamilton all these are true and you know what else? I once was the person that has all these as a no no, all our requirements seem to disappear once you find the right person.
I remember once we had a project in which we were asked to compose our ideal type ( by cutting parts from magazine and putting them together as a whole) I think it was such a great thing to do now since I was like 13 and now I look back and am very amazed at what I wanted then vs now.
Yes to ALL of these!
couldn't have said it better! they definitely do disappear! @Ticasensei you're too hip
I'm glad you happen to agree @sophiamor