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Many anime has this problem... Can't understand the gender of this characters if guys have kawai faces like girls
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But anime is always there to tell us that anyone can have a kawaii face and that transgender is perfectly fine! Thank you anime you rule my life ^=^
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Haku, my first experience with a Trap. Kirito only looks like a female because a really fucking feminine male avatar was all he had at his disposal.
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I actually don't care about the gender as what @normabm7 said above
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I don't care really about their Gender. But I do understand what you are trying say, it is a lil confusing. But that's how people see in real life. There are men in real life that look like girl's and some girls' that look like guy's. So it goes either way just like in Anime.馃懍馃懍馃懎馃懎
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i wonder in which category ranma would be in
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