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WE CAN LIVE HOW WE WANT!! Those words mean more than a million years could explain!! I can't get into it enough about how much One Piece truly is Love!! It is Life and it's amazing and fulfilling!! Having the adventure of a lifetime for what seems like a lifetime is perfect and a dream to really come true!! Luffy is such a soft hearted I smart perfect Captain for the crew of the Straw Hats!! He has so much powerful and strong willed and supportive backing it's insane and unbelievable but I love it all!! NAKAMA aren't a dime a dozen!! Luffy has this quality about him to bring good things to good people and attract NAKAMA that cannot be replaced!! That's something I strive to be and have is the right person with the right stuff!! I live my life in the dreams of my One Piece journey to come!! One Piece is Love!! Anime is life!!