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Started watching this show because I fell for the leading man. And I really wasn't expecting it to be a roller coaster of emotions for me. You know those shows that just leave you feeling every single emotion with the character that it drives you crazy?
I mean you cry with them, laugh with them, get mad at them when they are being a**holes but in the end you still love them anyway. Not a lot of dramas I've watched has effected me so much as this one. To name a few, Boys over Flowers, Panda and Hedgehog (was my first K drama so yeah first experience of course I'll be emotional, that's what started my K drama obsession), Please come back Mister...
Danson Tang (OMG!!!) isn't he just gorgeous!!! Of course his eyes are what drew me in. And then he sings (grabs chest) I really like his voice. And his facial expressions he can do a really great pout and I don't see how he couldn't get away with anything (that and I'm a sucker) After seeing him in Love in Time (him as a vampire yes please more of that). I decided to finally watch Murphy's law of love, I've had it on my list for a year and never got around to watching it. WHY DID I WAIT!!! Anyway I'm rambling again.
Ivelyn Lee all I can say about her is she is so freaking adorable how can you not love her! I'm currently looking for more shows with her in them because I really enjoyed her in this show.
Two people hurt by love to find each other who grow, trust, and learn to love again...rating 10/10 for me.