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This is my indefinate farewell. I began making these edits, writing about my life beneath them, and sharing them with this community of strangers in order to give my self some sort of release. It was my therapy. And my problems are not solved, and I still am not speaking to my father and I still miss the people that I've lost more than I will ever be able to describe. But for some reason, I am feeling hopeful. I am going to college in the fall. I have a roommate who I love. I have made friends that have already made up for everything I lacked throughout high school. I can see now, that I am going to be okay. I had been worried that college would be just as miserable as high school, but in one weekend I was blown away by how much I am going to love it. Again, my issues haven't been fixed, but right now I am in a place where I am dealing with them quite well, I think. So I am going to say goodbye, at least for the time being. I have no plans to return, but I also have no plans to stay away. Honeslty, this may only last a month. Or a week. Or a year. That being said, when I want to turn a lyric into an edit, I may still add it on here, but I probably won't write much, or anything at all. I will say goodbye with a quote that sums up how this all began: "When you write about stuff like that, kids will come out of the dark to see if there truly are people just like them." - Tyler Joseph (Twenty-One Pilots)