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When I first started lifting weights several years ago, I was so self-conscious, I actually bought my first set of weights to learn at home. I bought a dumbbell set along with a 20-pound kettlebell. From there, I felt comfortable learning form, movement, isolation, concentration, and confidence from several YouTube videos.
My body became tighter, and my my general lifting knowledge improved. But there was one thing I did struggle with - my fear of failing in front of others.
If there's one piece advice I can give for all new lifters, it will be this:

You're going to fail. And that's okay.

Everyone starts as a newb. Everyone starts by knowing jack-shit. Even the hardcore meatheads you see at the the gym who are stuffed with rock-hard gains will fail too,. And they fail often. But you need to remember that you need to fail, in order to succeed.
Don't stress it. Make your mistake. Learn from your failures. Then move on.
thanks for the advice, I'm a newbie but I'm sure I'll make progress if I'm more Consistent in my workouts
Great advice
@2Good2BeTris27 you're welcome. You'll def make kickass progress with consistency
so true...
Thanks for the advice!
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