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Survey Says: What Destination Wedding Would You Choose?
While we all love the idea of having a small intimate wedding in our hometown at the church we great up in, there's something extra special about having the opportunity travel during your wedding. Saving money for a honeymoon is one thing, but when you can incorporate your honeymoon arrangements into your wedding arrangements -- everyone wins at the end of the day.
Destination weddings can run you a pretty penny, so they are usually very intimate because not everyone is willing to travel far. Money is tight these days, but who said you had to have a huge wedding anyway? If you're a fan of destination weddings, keep scrolling and check out the question below.
If you could have the destination wedding of your dreams, where would you have it:
[a] Morocco
[b] Paris, France
[c] Turks & Cacaos
[d] choose your own answer

Where would you choose and why?

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Lol your sarcasm is so welcoming @VixilCastillo
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton that's the thing I'm really not being sarcastic honestly. the only reason why as a response to this card is because it goes against one of my cardinal rules
2 years ago·Reply
Tell me the rule!!! @VixilCastillo
2 years ago·Reply
Morocco. Africa is my home. Who can resist the beautiful landscape. Their food. Their music. Oh well and it's closer to home.
2 years ago·Reply
great choice!! Africa is beautiful @grapetoes2000
2 years ago·Reply