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this one you'll get to live in one of the worlds in this list you will be your own character what ever you want to be
DBZ (I'll say you can be what ever type of character you want even sayian)
Tokyo Ghoul
DanMachi (aka Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon)
Fairy tail
My Hero academia
now pick which world you would want to live in and what kind of character would you be (for example boku no hero academia I would be one of the students or danmachi I would be a adventurer )
Fairy Tail and I'd be a demon (but a good one) with elemental powers who decided to become a mage since I live in Earthland and my partner and I were invited to join Fairy Tail after a little bad first impression
Either DBZ as a Sayian Z-Fighter. OR Fairy Tail Guild member as with Fire Slayer Magic. the type would be either Dragon or Demon Slayer Magic.
Id say fairy tail gotta be a wizard
ok ok you got me here so I say fairytale and dai manchi
Fairy Tail
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