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I'm so sorry for not posting these two days. I'm posting two stories today becuase I will not be posting until next Saturday due to finals. I'll miss all of you again! ;)
Deep down in your heart you knew this was going to happen sooner or later, your boyfriend had just left and he wasnt your boyfriend anymore. You found out about him being with another girl through a common friend, you didnt believe her at first but then you saw him, he was at the mall with that girl, his arms all over her like she was his girlfriend. So you decided to end it, you wouldnt put up with his cheating ways. Hed come to your house like nothing had happened, he even brought gifts surely out of guilt; he was oh so happy without a care in the world because after all he didnt knew you had seen him; but now you just wanted to get away from him. You told him all the truths in his face, how he didnt deserve you and how you wouldnt allow something like that in a relationship. It was the right thing to do and you didnt regret it, but you felt helpless nonetheless, hed been your boyfriend for some time and his betrayal had hurt you. Looking at the box of chocolates hed brought you felt like throwing up, why couldnt you be good enough for someone? Trying to calm down a little you grabbed your phone, thinking about the only person who could make you feel better right now. If there was someone who could give you support no matter what that was your best friend, Park Jimin. He was alarmed when he first heard your crying voice. Are you hurt Y/N? Are you ok? - -Im not hurt… I dont know…- You could hear him moving on the other side of the phone. What happened? Did you get hurt with something? -Its him Jimin he…- At that his tone of voice changed, now you could distinct a tint of anger, Jimin had never liked your ex boyfriend though you never knew why, and with these news he would hate him entirely now with a good reason. Did he do something to you? -No, well yes… we broke up- -Where are you? - -Im in my house, can you come Jimin? - -You dont have to say it. Im on my way- He got there so fast you didnt even have a chance to get ready properly, so he found you in a rather distressful appearance. -Y/N, Im here- the moment he was inside your house he enveloped you in a tight embrace, holding you against his body in a protective way. Jimin was like that with you, always so attentive to your needs, always keeping in check that you were ok. And in times like this he was always there to hold you. -Thanks for coming- You told him the entire story since the beginning, crying tears of impotence and feeling a little bit ashamed as you told him how your ex boyfriend had cheated on you and how you didnt believe it at first, but it was all true. You could see the anger in his eyes. -That bastard, I should beat his ass- -Its not worth it- Jimin whipped your tears away and hugged you again, letting you calm down near him. We should go out- You gazed at him skeptically. I dont think Im in any state to go out- He got on his feet, pulling at your hands trying to make you stand up. Come on- -Jimin I look like a panda right know- He gave you a cheesy smile. A cute panda- You giggled; Jimin could make you smile just like that. Alright, but just for a little bit, and Im changing before we leave- He agreed, and you went to make yourself presentable. Jimin assured you that the best thing you could do right now was going for a walk, see some people and take a breath of fresh air for a while. The best option you had for that was the park, so you went for it. It was nice enough outside, the weather was being kind today so it wasnt too cloudy to make the day gloomy but it wasnt too sunny either so you werent cooking yourselves. There were a lot of people though, big families having picnics and kids playing in the grass, some people walking their dogs and couples enjoying the day out. Thinking about it you two looked like a couple right now, walking side by side talking about little nothings. Jimin was telling you how hed fallen in front of everybody in his dance class ripping his pants in the process. -It was so embarrassing, I thought Id die- You laughed at him, imagining him starting to panic in front of everybody. Its because your butt its too big- He overdid a gasp. Have you been staring at my butt? You didnt know why but you had stopped walking so he turned to face you. Are you a pervert Y/N? You blushed, your ears getting hot with sudden shyness. Of course not! - He chuckled at your reaction, even though it was obviously joking you felt a little bit guilty, you did check him out sometimes. Jimin continued making jokes and telling you silly things to make you laugh, that was one of the many things why you liked to be around him, he was like a happy pill to you. Honestly youd always had a crush on him, but that was a lost cause. Jimin only saw you as a friend, since the two of you met he had always treated you that way, always staying in the friend line. So you gave up on him, better to have him as a friend than not having him at all. You even have had a boyfriend, but that didnt stop your heart from beating just a little bit faster every time Jimin was too close, but you were only his friend and Jimin obviously wanted to stay that way. It was all too much, and suddenly you found yourself crying again. Jimin was so alarmed by the outburst he didnt know what to do at first. He placed his palms on your cheeks looking at you with worried eyes. Y/N, whats wrong? - You shook your head and lowered your gaze, it was embarrassing the fact of him seeing you in this situation and in a public place to top it all. Come here- Jimin said and grabbed your hand firmly, directing you to somewhere more private where you could sit, a forgotten spot near the ice cream shop would do just fine for said purposes. Y/N, I dont like seeing you cry- he said softly. -Its just that… I dont understand- Jimin was all ears to you, waiting for you to keep on and vent out your troubles. Why is this happening to me?- -Please Y/N, dont strain yourself for him, like you said before its not worth it- -Its not just him! Why Im not good enough? Whats so wrong with me? Why anybody loves me right? This is so frustrating- you were crying your eyes out now, feeling both ridiculous and relived to let it all out. Jimin had had his head down while listening the last part, so you couldnt see what kind of face he had right now. He lifted his eyes to yours, a resolved expression that left you puzzled. Thats not right, its not true. You dont deserve to be treated that way from anybody- he breathed in, like preparing for something. There are lots of people in this world that love you, youre amazing Y/N, youre funny, smart, gentle and you are so pretty. Youre perfect to me- you couldnt speak, just listening to him telling you all those things made your body tremble with an awakened feeling. Anyone would fall for you…even me- he muttered that last part under his breath, you heard it but werent so sure, could your ears be fooling you? -What did you say? - You asked gingerly. Jimin sighed. I wasnt planning to tell you this, but theres no other way- he stared at you to see if you were going to say something but when he saw that you were waiting for him to continue, he kept talking. Listen Y/N, now I have to say this even if you reject me, I cant keep being left out and see you go through another relationship and getting hurt when theres no one in this entire world that will love you the way I will- he ran a hand trough his hair messing it up a little. What Im trying to say is that Im in love with you- You stared at him surprised by his confession; he was in love with you? How could that be? Why didnt you tell me before?- -Isnt it obvious? You only saw me as a friend, I didnt want to get in the way, but I loved you too much to stay away- You didnt know what to do, it was all so surreal, your heart felt like it was going to burst from all the emotions but you had to be honest with him. I cant give you a clear and complete answer right now- Jimin nodded. I know that, I said everything knowing taht risk…- -But! - You interrupted, making him look at you directly. You took his hand in yours and leaned in to kiss him softly on the cheek. From now on, I will trust you my heart- Jimin smiled at you squeezing your hand; from now on he would keep your heart safe.

CREDITS: Bangtan-Spells

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*cries in Spanish* ! this was absolutely beautiful!!! 💕💕💕💕
I need a Jimin in my life
Cuuuutttteeeee! I'm glad it wasn't a straight ok we are dating now and everything is good life there is still hurt and confusion to deal with.
awww solo cute this one story that need a second part .
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