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I gotta say, I've seen a bunch of Death Battles from Screw Attack before, but they've really stepped their visuals up well in these latest videos. This video tackles the eternal question posed by many a Playstation fan (like myself) - who would win in a fight between Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter?
It's a matchup you can actually play for yourself in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal, but since that's contingent on player skill, the matchup can go either way.
Here, these guys came in with the facts. There are a bunch of things I disagree with about the fight, but the quality of it is pretty great for youtubers.
both were badass childhood games, jak and dexter awesome..... I love them wish that they would remaster them on updated platforms
I just finished watching this I got to say really great work.
I'm actually disappointed