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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Length: 3149 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 9/?
Y/n's POV
“Thanks”, I muttered, referring to the key in my hand. He just nodded, not taking his eyes off me.
“You two fought.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. It was evident from the bruise on his cheek that things had got pretty ugly after me and Tae left.
Yoongi’s eyes instantly darkened at my words. “He had it coming”, he spoke. He voice was quiet, but angry. Extremely angry.
I sighed. “Yoongi, if this is about me and him, I could have handl-”
“No.” He cut me off, standing up abruptly. I swallowed, feeling slightly intimidated. He wasn’t mine anymore. But he was still fighting for me.
“He had no fucking right to speak to you like that.”
That’s when I turned to look at him. The way Yoongi had spoken to me that night outside the club came to mind. Bit rich coming from him.
Yoongi ignored my stare and carried on. “Namjoon had to come between us, otherwise I swear, I would’ve fucking killed him.”
“Yoongi!” I gasped. What the hell was he saying? “Stop. You two are friends. I’m nothing to him. I’m nothing to you. So stop fighting because it’s getting ridiculous.”
I had slapped Jungkook and felt terrible about it, but Yoongi and him had thrown literal punches at each other.
Yoongi looked at me rather coldly. I knew that look very well- it meant I had said something I wasn’t supposed to.
“What did you just say to me?” He asked. I’m pretty sure it was a rhetoric question, but nonetheless I backtracked, to try and remember.
I hadn’t said anything that wasn’t accurate, so I looked at him,confused.
“You’re nothing to me?” He asked in a low, dangerous tone. One that told me he wasn’t to be messed with right now.
But, I was stupid as hell.
“Of course”, I shrugged. Even uttering those words, I would be in tears, but at this point I was all cried out.
Where the hell is Tae?
I tried to think of something to say, thought of it, and said it. But like I said, I was stupid. As. Hell.
“Oh by the way, when we were on our way here, we bumped into Suzy- she’s looking for you.” I blurted out before I could even process what I was saying.
I had left some notes in my room, so I started to walk away thinking Yoongi would understand that that was me saying ‘bye’, but he wasn’t having it.
He got hold of my upper arm and stopped me in place, and turned to face him, but didn’t look at him. “I don’t give a shit about her”, he muttered darkly, as I weakly tugged against his grip.
“I didn’t say you did. I just said she was looking for you.”
His grip tightened, but not to the point where it hurt. He was trying to get me to look at him, but I didn’t want to.
“Y/n.” His voice was so soft, so calming that I just wanted to turn around and hug him. To sob into his arms.
But instead I tried to hide all emotion from my voice as I asked, “Can you let go of me please?”
“Look at me in the eye and ask me”, he replied, just as softly. I knew why he had asked me that- he knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.
Don’t cry. You’re not gonna cry. Don’t be a baby. DON’T. FUCKING. CRY.
I cleared my throat and turned to look at him. “Why are you doing this?” I whispered, not trusting my voice to speak out loud. “Why are you doing this?”
“I don’t want to lose you y/n.”
I stared at him to see any hint of a smile, or maybe a glimmer in his eye to show amusement, but there was nothing. There was only anger and pain.
But god, it felt weird when Yoongi said something cheesy like that. He never did cheesy. He wasn’t that kinda guy.
I closed my eyes tight. “You lost me the day I found out about her.” There was silence, so I kept my eyes shut. I never ever said no to Yoongi, but like I said before- we weren't together now. I had to keep reminding myself.
I only opened my eyes at the sound of a silent sob. Yoongi’s other hand was covering his face, and the only indication I had that he was crying was the way his shoulders were shaking.
I reached out and touched his shoulder. I hated seeing him like this, and felt like an absolute bitch for making him cry. I rarely saw him like this.
“Yoongi, please. Don’t.” I silently pleaded with him to stop, as I couldn’t take it.
Taehyung’s POV
Taehyung got to his and y/n’s favorite food place quick enough. But the queue was ridiculous. He stood, impatiently waiting inline- he couldn’t even text y/n as he had left his phone at home.
After a good ten minutes of standing in line, someone tapped his shoulder quite harshly. He turned around thinking it was one of the boys, but his face fell when he saw the duo.
“Why are you two always hanging around?”
He didn’t snap at them, or sound annoyed- in fact he tried to stay as pleasant as possible, but it was hard. These two were not exactly his favorite people- one had hurt y/n and the other had hurt him.
Suzy spoke up, rather coldly- though Taehyung expected it after what he had said to her earlier. “We live around the corner. Besides, can’t a girl go get some food?”
Taehyung sighed, and started to turn back around. He could ignore them for a few more minutes. he froze when he felt an arm around his waist.
“Please get off me”, he mumbled to Krystal. He didn’t want to cause a scene here.
“Why?”, Krystal shot back.
“We’re not together”, he answered simply, and her expression was briefly one of shock.
“Since when do you care whether we’re together or not? You like me”, she emphasised the word ‘me’.
When Taehyung didn’t see anything, Krystal let go off him, and cut the queue to stand in front of him.
“Oh I see”, she said slowly, venomously. “You’re with that bitch, aren’t you?”
Something snapped inside of Taehyung. “Don’t call her that. She’s going through a tough time right now, thanks to someone.” He heard Suzy shift uncomfortably behind him.
“She deserved it. Yoongi told Suzy how y/n never wants to have any fun.”
Taehyung scoffed at the two girls’ shallowness. “No he didn’t. He was using Suzy for sex because he didn’t see his girlfriend as a sex object. And y/n wasn’t ready whereas Suzy willingly let him do whatever the fuck he wanted.”
Both girls were shocked into silence. The queue was moving too slowly, so Taehyung decided to leave the girls standing there. He’d had enough. Why did they hate y/n so much anyways?
He’d explain to y/n when he got back. Or maybe he’d lie and say the shop was closed- mentioning Suzy and Krystal again wouldn’t really help her mood.
He got back relatively quickly, all his anger being released via speed walking. When he got to the door he heard voices coming from y/n’s place.
Is she on the phone?
But then he heard Yoongi, his eyes widening in shock. What the hell did Yoongi think he was doing?
He heard y/n’s sad voice- “You lost me the day I found out about her.”
It hurt Taehyung to see her sounding so distraught. He didn’t know whether to go and intervene and get Yoongi out, or wait and let them have a conversation.
He decided he would wait.
Y/n’s POV
I stood there silent as Yoongi took a deep breath, and stopped. Just like that, he could turn off his emotions- it was a skill I could never master.
“You like seeing me like this, huh?” He asked quietly.
“What?” My face went from pained, to one of disbelief.
“I’m the bastard who caused all this. So I deserve this, don’t I?”
I sighed, closing my eyes. “No. You don’t. But I don’t either. So why don’t you go to the one who makes you more happy? I’ll find someone eventually.”
He scoffed. We both knew Suzy didn’t make him happy. In fact it was ironic how the cheater got cheated on.
He looked stung by my words, like the the thought of me replacing him hadn’t occurred to him.
“That night you were asked for Jungkook. Do you like him?”
“After what he just did?” I knew I wasn’t answering his question, and he knew it today.
“Y/n, do you like him?” Yoongi repeated. He sounded a bit more stern this time. I swallowed. “I thought...I thought maybe, we had a chance, yes.”
There was no point in lying to him, he already knew the answer.
“But then he fucked the same girl”, Yoongi whsipered. “So where does that leave you?”
Did he think I was only restricted to him and Jungkook? Before I could answer, Taehyung walked in, looking surprised at Yoongi’s presence. “Hyung!”
I rolled my eyes behind Yoongi’s back. I could see from a mile away that Jungkook was acting. But Yoongi couldn't.
“Hey Tae”, I gave him a small smile. “Yoongi was just leaving.”
That was my way of saying this conversation was over- for now.
“And ‘Tae’ was just coming with me”, Yoongi finished. “You have exams.” I rolled my eyes again. Why would Taehyung affect my grades? He was here to help. And what was Yoongi’s problem?
“Actually I was going to help y/n-ash revise”, Tae started, but Yoongi glared at him. “I’m sure she can competently revise herself.”
This was the possessive side of Yoongi- if he can’t have me, no one can.
Taehyung got the hint, as he nervously licked his lips and hugged me goodbye. I looked confused at the lack of food in his hands, as that’s what he had gone to get, but he just mimed ‘I’ll call you’.
I looked at the two of them leave, Taehyung speed walking ahead, and Yoongi taking his time behind him.
Something had riled Taehyung up- I could see it in his face- but I didn’t know what.
After they left, I actually turned my phone off and worked in preparation for my exam. I knew everything so just went over key points once or twice.
But god help me, I needed a drink. So badly. On instinct I thought about the club I had gone to before- it was the nearest place for me to let loose.
Only a couple, I promised myself as I grabbed my jacket. I would stay in these clothes because I was intending on staying for long. I would be back before I know it, review my notes, and have an early night.
I grabbed my phone and walked down. Maybe I’ll just have a hot drink, I thought. Alcohol really wasn’t ideal when I had an exam tomorrow. Plus, I needed to get out, to breathe.
There was a voicemail from Tae, so I listened to it as I walked along.
‘Y/n-ah. Sorry about earlier. Yoongi hyung looked so angry that I left to avoid drama. H-how are you? Oh and sorry about not bringing food, I bumped into the toxic twins again, so came back, so you better eat something! Call me in your revision break and if I don't see you, good luck for tomorrow! Fighting!’
I smiled at the sound of his voice.
The bartender was on his shift to my surprise. “And she’s back!” he grinned.
“You’re working?” I smiled back. “We have an exam tomorrow, you know that right?” What the fuck is his name?!
I subtly craned my neck to read his name tag.
I mentally face-palmed. Of course.
He laughed. “Earning money when I can y/n. Plus I’m ready.” Ooh. Someone’s confident.
Suzy’s POV
Suzy’s eyes narrowed as she watched y/n stroll into the club. She knew she was screwed for tomorrow so she was just intent on getting smashed. There was always the resit.
Krystal wasn’t on their course but she had a different exam to revise for, so to Suzy’s dismay she had stayed at home- but Suzy reckoned she was just in a bad mood because of the way Taehyung had treated her earlier. That boy had quite a mouth on him.
Y/n didn’t see her as she sat down and got friendly with Mark. He was on their course and Suzy noticed he always sat near y/n in lectures, but never spoke to her.
And y/n... What the hell was she playing at?
She’s with a different guy every time I see her.
Y/n always disapproved of Suzy bringing boys home, and now look at her. Hypocrite.
Suddenly, an idea started forming in Suzy’s head, and a devilish smirk started playing on her lips.
She got her phone out to text Jungkook.

To Jungkook: It’s Suzy. Meet me at club. Need help with exam. And don’t ignore this message or I’ll show everyone that picture of us.

She had made sure to send that photo to herself, and then delete the message so Jungkook didn’t know. She thought it might come in handy, and she was right.
She hit send, and turned her attention back to y/n and the bartender. Y/n would be prepared for tomorrow, Suzy knew that. But what fun would it be to fuck her up even more?
Maybe to the point of her not even turning up to the exam.
Jungkook’s POV
Jungkook was seething when he got the text. This bitch was resorting to blackmail? And did she even have the photo? He was going to take no chances.
“Fuck”, he muttered under his breath.
“What?” Jimin snapped, still annoyed by what had happened between him and Yoongi earlier. Jimin was the only one down here with him- the rest of them were in their rooms, probably working.
Yoongi and Taehyung came in a couple of hours ago, and Jungkook didn’t need three lucky guesses to know where they had been.
Yoongi didn’t even look at Jungkook as he stormed upstairs, And Taehyung looked like something was bothering him. Jungkook would ask him later what was on his mind.
“She’s blackmailing me with the photo”, Jungkook replied, his voice laced with disgust. He showed Jimin the text, and he watched as the older boys face fell.
It’s not like Jungkook needed the time to revise- he was just sat there doing nothing. But he certainly didn’t want to see her.
“What are you gonna do?” Jimin queried. Jungkook could tell he already knew the answer. Of course he was going to go- he wasn’t going to risk it.
But knowing Suzy, there would be another incentive at play- she had even told Jungkook she didn’t care about the exam, so clearly she didn’t need help to revise. Especially if she was at the damn club.
“I’ll be back soon”, he grumbled, taking the device from Jimin. “Anyone asks where I went, just tell them I went for a walk.”
Jungkook knew they would assume he was going to y/n’s place, but after their spat, he would be an idiot to go knocking on her door. Especially since Yoongi was still being so protective of her.
Y/n’s POV
I was having a nice time, just chatting away to Mark. He was lovely, but he did keep making unnecessary contact. Touching my hand, my shoulder. But I brushed it off because he was so friendly.
“Why haven’t we talked before?” I smiled at him. He shrugged and pouted, making me giggle. He reminded me of Taehyung, the way he joked around and laughed with me.
“Oh my god, we are actually going to fail tomorrow”, I moaned. I was supposed to get back half an hour ago but instead was on my second coffee and had no intention of moving.
“No we’re not! Especially you, smartie-pants”, he replied. I rolled my eyes but laughed all the same. We both knew we were ready, but revision would be my excuse to leave.
I heard an annoying familiar laugh and froze, the smile slowly vanishing.
Mark caught on. “What’s wrong?” He lowered his voice. “Is it Suzy? She’s been flirting with that boy since he came in.”
How the hell did Mark know her too? I couldn’t even remember his name. Then I froze.
“Describe him”, I said, referring to the boy in question. I instantly knew it would be one of two people. And if it was Yoongi, I would know that everything he said about not liking Suzy was bullshit- not that that was my concern anyway. But his redemption would fly out the window.
Mark stole subtle glances behind me. “Er dark hair. Looks like he wants to kill me. Hold up, I know him”, he was murmuring.
If Mark knew him that could only mean he was on our course. And that meant it was Jungkook.
“Ignore him”, I muttered. Why the hell was he here? With Suzy? I was so confused by Jungkook, it was unreal. What an actual fuckboy.
“It’s dead in here, we don’t need two people working at the bar, do you wanna go round back to chat? Then you can head off and revise.” We both laughed at the notion of revision, but I nodded regardless.
I could do without Jungkook scrutinising everyone I talked to. Plus, that meant him and Suzy could spend quality time without worrying about me overhearing.
Mark called out to the other barman, “Hey, I’m off for a few”, and he just nodded once and went back to wiping the surface.
I followed him round to an empty office at the back, my half finished coffee still in my hand. He shut the door behind us as I whirled around, taking in my surroundings.
“Neat, huh?” He smiled. This is where all of us come to spoke or blow of steam after dealing with shitty customers.”
I snorted with laughter, my mouth full of coffee. I swallowed before adding. “So, all of them?”
He grinned. “Yup. Especially you.”
I pretended to pour the coffee over him and he grabbed my arm to protect himself. I placed the cup down on the table to show him I wasn’t going to do it, but he still didn’t let go.
“Mark, I’m not gonna burn you, I promise!” I squealed, tugging away from his grasp. But he was surprisingly strong.
“Mark!”, I was slightly frowning now, his grip hurting me.”Let go!”
“You know why we come back here? The real reason?”
I shook my head, still struggling.
“Because no one can hear you.”
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@GossamoKewen95 its angst no one can ever catch a break lol
When is this girl going to realise that going to a club literally does NOT solve anything ?! 😟😟 Like damn girl ... Just go for a walk or just stay inside cause then you won't get raped or run into dicks (e.g Yoongi, Kook, Suzy or krystal)
This fuckboy just when I was starting to like him 👿.
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