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Hello Lovelies! It another installment of Bling Bling Wednesday with yours truly. Today theme is sexy badboy. Bare with me though card might be a little short. Hard to find bad boy Jonghyun. Featuring Taemin.
Look at this beautiful man. Looking all tough though we all know he's a sweetheart. Taemin: Stef! How many times do I have to drag you away from him? Me: I'm sorry I'm just doing my job. *sniffles* Taemin: *pulls you close stares deep into your eyes* I'm sorry for being unreasonable. I just get so jealous. *caresses my cheek* Me: I know. (I seriously need to stop killing my feels with these scenarios xD)
Look at him with that mask which I find sexy as hell. These were from his solo Guilty Pleasure. Closest you will get to badboy image. Taemin: OK I'm not ok with this part. Too much shirtless Ness. Me: If your not ok why are you staring at him? Taemin: *blush* Me: Ha! See even you can't resist his sexiness. After all you did touch all over it. Taemin: I did not !
*ahem*. ....ummm.... whew.. *fanning self *
Internet war will never be irrelevant!
my god.... you found my weakness .. Tae is my bias but Jonghyun trying to wreck it all.
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