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Practically speaking, if I'm stranded on an island, I think Lucy would be a practical and resourceful companion! With our combined smarts and the help of her spirits, all the necessities could be easily taken care of (food, shelter, and we could probably build some kind of boat or something to escape back to Magnolia!), and, personality-wise, I think we'd get along swimmingly (oops, there goes another pun!)! We could try on clothes (courtesy of Virgo, of course),and paint each other's nails, and talk about cute boys (in which Fairy Tail is not lacking)! (And yes, that was a RWBY reference; I couldn't resist!) Plus there's probably a pretty good chance that Natsu would come to the rescue if Lucy of all people is with me, though, for his sake, that might be a bad idea as he will probably not be compatible with our exit strategy...
Lucy may have won out, but I gotta give a shout out to Gray Fullbuster who was definitely a contender for this one! My first thought was if I'm stranded on an island, it's probably gonna be hot, which I don't like, not one bit, so a super handsome ice wizard could come in handy! I almost chose him, but I decided Lucy would be a more practical choice.
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@OtakuDemon10 for sure. a logical choicw, captain
@SAMURXAI yup yup! I was quick on this one, but I really thought it through!
She'd be perfect for and island stranded buddy. all her spirits would come in handy and she's clever to boot!