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Hongbean Wednesday!
Hello Starlights! I'm Stefani I'm the new mod for Hongbean Wednesday. Since this is my first Hongbin card I'm going with predebut and debut Hongbin since it's my debut as the new mod here. Might be a little short cause it wasn't the easiest to find these photos.
Look at him he's so precious and good looking. Love his voice and dimples I'm a sucker for dimples. HB: Stef! Where did you find these pictures? Me: Internet. HB: I thought I rid the world of these hideous pictures. Me: They are not hideous! I find you attractive then and attractive now. HB: Please tell me this is all? Me:.....
I loved his pretty fluffy hair! That smile kills me.
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awwww love it!
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ulzzang Binnie is life. hehehe
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So true, adorable then and adorable now.
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