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Pocket Planes is a casual airline sim by NimbleBit, the creators of Tiny Tower. In Pocket Planes, players assume the role of the CEO of an airline. Starting with a few airports and small planes, players transport small amounts of cargo and passengers short distances. As they slowly gain profit from their flights, they then build more airports, buy better planes, and slowly expand their airline into an international airline. A formula determines how much profit a flight will make depending on the distance, speed and the weight of the plane used on the route. Filling a plane with items or people going to the same destination will net a 25% bonus on each item. Players can also complete events that involve flying special items and people to a designated destination. After completing these events, players are awarded Bux, which are used to buy planes and purchase other perks such as upgrades and the ability to speed up flights. The simplicity of the game makes it great for a time killer such as subway or bus rides. You can find the game on the following links: Pocket Planes (iPhone) http://is.gd/qRAbIH Pocket Planes (Android) http://is.gd/LKhsuZ
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Dude this game! I have wasted so many hours on it *o* I actually had to delete it for finals last semester LOL