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Over the past year, the shift in baseball when certain hitters come to bat has become a huge issue in the game. Yankees coach Joe Girardi shared his disdain for the rule earlier this week.
"It is an illegal defense, like basketball," said Girardi, referring to defensive three seconds in the NBA. "Guard your man, guard your spot. If I were commissioner, they would be illegal."
Funny thing is, as much as Girardi hates the rule, he uses the shift A LOT.
Girardi said he feels as if the shift takes away from the original intent of the setup of baseball. "I just think the field was built this way for a reason, with two on one side and two on the other," Girardi said.
The fact is the game has evolved and the managers are more sophisticated than ever. They will abuse rules in the game as long as they can. With that being said, if hitters have a problem with it, develop more range in regards to where they spray hits.
It's the hitter's responsibility to beat the shift. I'm a leftie, and people used to play that on me. The solution? Swing at a pitch on the outside corner and drive it the other way. #bye
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no excuses, hitters have to hit and beat the defense...
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Can't believe Girardi is the one to point this out...
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Says the guy that uses so much of the shift
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The shift is a must!
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