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hello ! i'm back with lockscreens :D thanks to all that requested ! i hope everyone likes theirs (/•ิ_•ิ)/ here are the rules for my lockscreens : 1) must be requested on the latest lockscreen or the one directly before 2) requests must be 5 lockscreens or lower (i'm sorry i'm making this a rule >.< but i have school and some after school things) 3) this is more optional but it would be helpful to list the group the idol is in (of course it's not gonna work for people who are actors 눈_눈) that's all i ask of those who request lockscreens ! (゜▼゜*) not to hard yeah? check out my collection of all of the lockscreen cards ever made by me
requested by : @BekiKunstman image : lee tae sung
requested by : @CuteBabyLay image : zhang yixing
requested by : @KaeliShearer image : kim jisoo
requested by : @karinamiranda81 image(s) : KNK, kim jongwoon
requested by : @Isolate image : jung hoseok, cha eunwoo, choi youngjae, yoo youngjae i wasn't sure which youngjae you meant so i did two youngjaes :/
requested by : @mrsjeon image(s) : xu minghao (the8), moon bin (astro) i'm really sorry about the minghao one :-((( i tried making his complexion and skin tone match in the two top pictures but it didn't really work
requested by : @AubriePope image : iKON
thanks to all that requested ! i hope everyone liked theirs ! feel free to request but please consider my rules when you request ! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ thank you if you would like to be tagged (or untagged) in these posts just comment ! thanks for supporting these :-)
@sleepingyoongi yes please
youngjae of bap ? @reyestiny93
could you make one for rap monster bts, yoongi bts and GD big bang
hi me again can I have a Zelo,youngjae jinjin Astro winner minho please
thank you!!!!!
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