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When an abrupt change occurs, it's easy to get bogged down by "what if's".
What if I can't find another job?
What if I can't find another boyfriend?
What if I have to go home and accept failure?
It's time to ignore the "what if's", and say some things that really matter.

1. Things change all the time, and you are not immune.

People lose jobs, friends and their minds all the time. You are not an exception.

2. Some believe that everything happens for a reason.

Yes, people believe that, and it might not hurt you to try to believe that as well.

3. You might find something or someone perfect for you.

We always think that our immediate circumstances will define us later in life, and we're right. That doesn't have to be negative though. It might be the perfect thing.

4. It's not the end of your world, or the world.

Comfort in change resides in the fact that things can and will settle down. You never know what can happen.

5. There are more people dealing with harsher injustices and scarier situations than you.

It might seem counterintuitive, but really, if you put things into perspective, no loss or amount of change will break you.
@Narissatayy I get what you're saying. I should have said "in most cases" you really never know right
I like these all except the last one. I get your intention COMPLETELY but I wouldn't group everyone into putting their situations against an even worse one. That takes away from the individual making one feel alone and unimportant. STILL LOVE THIS though!
Just #Awesomeness 馃槑 as usual.
It's all relative. What's worse for one may not be for another and vice-versa. If you have harsher injustices than others then you do and if others have harsher than you then they do. It's all relative.
So true!!! I have to tell myself on a daily that there are others who may have it worse than me and to be thankful and grateful for what I have. As well as I can't control everything not save everyone.