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When Colin Kaepernick's contract became ensured a month ago, many people thought their was no chance the 49ers could cut or trade him due to his bloated contract.
While he does have a pretty big contract, there still seems to be a lot of teams interested. 49ers GM Trent Baalke said it's possible Colin Kaepernick could be traded this week. "I wouldn't say we are out there looking for it, but I wouldn't rule it out."
The Broncos, Jets and Bears are currently looking for a signal caller.
Denver seems like they are interested the most, but want the 49ers to eat some of his contract. The deal may come into fruition this week if the 49ers agree to give them a draft pick instead. They have 12 picks in the first two days of drafting, tied with the Browns for the most in football. A swap of picks could be enough for the 49ers to deal.

Will the 49ers deal Colin Kaepernick in the draft tomorrow night?

It would do them good
Yeah I doubt it as well...
I doubt it. But in this leaque who knows? Anything is possible I guess lol