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Seriuosly the Right Now series is what got me "Into" MonstaX. It made every member shine and thus made me love all of them equally.
My absolute favorite episode is the last one, episode 6. They went to Macau and bungee jumped. Yep.
Once again Wonho request ramen. Of course Wonho is also afraid of heights. Jooheon and Minhyuk being swag. Going up is already freaking Wonho out. ~plethora of pictures of Wonho freaking out.~
Soon. Kihyun giggling at Wonho even though he too needs to jump. BAM! He jumps. I'm so proud of him. It took alot for him to overcome this fear. Shownu just does it. Like it's nothing at all. Then, Kihyun. LOL.
This epsiode is the best. I also liked the stinky tofu episode and the do what Jackson tells you to do and the dancing in the streets and ...... well, basically all of them. ♥
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I just call Wonhoo "Noodle Boy" and my daughter knows exactly who I'm talking about.
Hahahahah the call for noodles lol
This was a good series..and I was so surprised when he jumped...he was so brave!