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From the makers of Halo, Destiny is an upcoming RP-FPS set in an open world. Hopefully this game will set another standard for the next gen. of gaming as Halo has done. I'm still mesmerized by the graphics and gameplay, which are still in development! Loving the fact that you can play it on PS3, PS4, Xbox360, and Xbox One. 2014 can't come fast enough!!
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@blackmage I really can't wait for this release as well, it's going to be amazing especially since I am a PS guy ^^
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@johnlee yep! and it's the first game that Bungie will release independently from Microsoft's influence!
4 years ago·Reply
@nshen1 Dang for some reason I thought Microsoft owned Bungie since they only released on the XBox. Good to know.
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@lyricalmotion i always thought playthroughs at press conferences were always corny lol
4 years ago·Reply
This is one game that I am looking forward to, for sure. The fact that you can meet other teams out there is pretty awesome, as well. @lyricalmotion Yeah, that's definitely true. There are also the playthroughs where you know it just isn't like that in actuality. XD
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