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Part 4: _ * _ * _ * Next Day: The bell rang signaling for the end of the school day. Finally. I stretched getting out of my seat only to be pushed back down. I already knew who it was so I refused to look at him, instead watching the other students exit. Great, now were alone. Nothing good comes from these things. *Sigh* "Y/N, please talk to me. If I scared you off by my sudden confession, I'm sorry, but it's been weeks. Can't you stop ignoring me now? I haven't done anything wrong." I let out a long breath before standing up facing him to look right in his eyes. "Look, you made me hella confused." he opened his mouth to speak before I cut him off. "And not for the reasons you're thinking." I clarified, crossing my arms. "Then what confused you? I'm pretty sure I was very clear..." he questioned raising an eyebrow at me. "What was the whole 'beautiful liar' thing about? If it was meant to be a VIXX reference you failed because that song has nothing to do with any of this if you read the lyrics." He chuckled at me... -_- really. "No, it wasn't meant to be." he smiled before continuing, "It means, one," he held up a finger, "you're a liar. A very good one may I add. And two," he lifted up a second finger, "you're... well, beautiful." I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks as his turned pink. "So, yea... i-if you put the two together... yea." he finished making an awkward silence present. "O-okay." I said as I started walking towards the door only to be stopped by him grabbing my wrist. "Wait. So we're good now?" he let go slowly, making sure I wasn't going to run again. "You won't avoid me anymore, right?" I sighed, "Yes, Yoongi, we're good. But!" I stopped making sure he was paying attention. "None of this 'I'll make you mine' crap. We are just friends and it shall stay like that. If you make a move I'll hit on one of your friends. Okay?" "Sure." he grumbled walking ahead toward the door frame. "Are you serious you'll flirt with one of my friends?" "Yep." "That's low." he mumbled as I walked past him. "Yep, but don't think I won't. In order to be my boyfriend, you have to start out as a friend first. So I know we'll always support each other no matter what. " I walked a little faster as I said the last part. "I HEARD THAT!" he called, "SO I STILL HAVE A CHANCE?" I turned around to see him smiling in the distance. "MAYBE! DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!" I called back before walking out towards my house. I reached for my phone looking for Alex's contact. RING-RING "Hello?" "Ale-" "You guys are talking again aren't you? Honestly you're so childish, Y/N" I heard her giggle through the phone. "Yah! Just know I'm coming over. You wanna know everything right?" "You know it!" CLICK! *Sigh* Wow, I should really stop that. For now on I shall try to sigh less. Key word, try...
A/N: This is from a story I read on Wattpad and I'm sad because I haven't been able to find it again. It wasn't any fanfiction (from what I know) but it was like, the girl has blue hair and has an eating disorder, she doesn't talk really. The guy killed his girlfriend which landed him in the institution which is where he met her.... they end up together and commit suicide together off the roof. The End. Hopefully one of you find it. Back to my story now. This is really short, but my fone is still being a pain so.... luv you!! Let me know what you think. What should happen next?? Tagging: @VeronicaArtino @MariaMontoya1 @LemonLassie @Rosa420 @Cassierchiqua @SaraHanna @sarahdarwish @MaritessSison @KristinaCaron @clstap1 @SindyHernandez @mrsjeon @AimeeH @MrsJungHoseok @SofiaFifi @UnnieCakesAli @HerosBells @igotswag @ParkHwaYoung @CindyHolguin @SugaMint @Eliortiz13 @maddiedo @Ain1011 @GreciaFlores @ValerieAlissaPa @Ercurrent @JadeOwens @narutobandgeek @resavalencia Let me know if you want to be tagged! Sorry if I haven't added you if you've asked before, I'm kind of confused as to who I do and don't have. Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin), Rain (Jungkook), Young Love Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment, One the Side, Consequences, Beautiful Liar
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