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one Saturday night. there's a party going on at VIXX's house. and the one that planned this is Ken.
I'm all ready to go to the party just waiting for someone. 5 minutes later the door bell rings. I open the door and see a good looking friend, which is Ravi ❤ "looking good " I gave a huge smile. "고마워." "*smiles* 가자." we both left to the party.
we arrive at the party and we are recieved by Ken. "hey guys come on in." we walk inside and see N entertaining the guest. we sit and just watch N and Ken being hilarious.
while N and Ken 오빠 are with their sillyness, I see Leo 오빠 getting attention from the girls. he seems a little annoyed by them, he smiling awkwardly.
Ravi comes up to me and asks me, "wanna go dance for a while." "sure." i smile. he extends his hand and I reach to it and take it. he leads me to the dance floor and there's slow music playing.
while dancing I can feel like someone staring at me, I look around and I see Hongbin across the dance floor, he seems angry at something, or someone. he's glaring at Ravi. I wonder why?
it's already past midnight and I'm just sitting at the kitchen having a drink. then I see Hongbin and a chick. she looks like she's naked, her dress is really small. I'm having my drink and all of the sudden a hear a small moan. I look and see that Hongbin is been naughty, I ignore but the moaning keeps going and I look at Hongbin, his smirking at me, and I hear him say, "do you like it?" he bite his lower lip while looking at me. I roll my eyes and leave the kitchen, going to the backyard.
I'm outside, just staring at the full moon and stars. I see Hongbin sitting next to me. "are you done making out with that chick?" "hm. you jealous?" "not really." I say while still staring at the diamond sky. "yes you were. that's why you left." "ha. i left cause i needed fresh air and some time alone." "gigi." he calls me. I look at him and the next thing is that his lips are on mine, my eyes are wide open.
Hongbin is still kissing me his arms are holding me real tight that I can't push him away. then I hear Ravi, "what's going on here?" Hongbin and I look at Ravi who looks like his going to explode. "nothing I was just kissing my girl." Hongbin said with that smirk of his "뭐? your girl? i don't think so." I said. "that's right. she isn't your girl. she's my girl." Ravi said. he came over and pulled me towards him. i couldn't believe what was happening. in minutes both Hongbin and Ravi were fighting, like with fists and all. I stopped them. "Ya! I'm no one's girl. you guys are idiots." I walk up to them. I slap Hongbin. "Thats for kissing me." then I slap Ravi "that's for starting the fight. and not letting me speak here." they both held their stinging cheeks. "its late and I'm already tired, especially of what happen. I'm going home." i left the party.
i seriously love this. if anyone knows or makes more of this screen shots games please tag me or tell me. I can make mini stories with this.