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Perhaps you are tragic music buff who set their alarm as a reminder to tune it at the exact time Daft Punk’s latest and highly anticipated album was being streamed last week (guilty). On the other hand, you may have forgotten about it all together but you still really love carving up the dance floor to some solid French electro. Or maybe you’re just staring blankly without actually knowing who Daft Punk is? Let’s face it – the last option is highly unlikely given that you are a reader of Yellowtrace, and we all know only the most clued-in, intelligent, astute, not to mention ridiculously good-looking people constitute this irresistibly sexy crowd. Alas, this it not a music blog, so we shall leave Daft Punk’s brand new album “Random Access Memories” alone, while I draw your attention to something else. I’m talking about their recent slick photo shoot set in a famous modernist house in Los Angeles - Sheats Goldstein Residence, designed by celebrated American modernist architect John Lautner. There is an interesting parallel between the music of Daft Punk which utilises the most cutting edge technology to produce their songs (even though the current album may draw on the past, the disco and the 7os vibe). Similarly, Lautner’s famous building here is an example of the most cutting edge materials and technologies of it’s time. Although ultimately, neither of these two – the elusive French DJ duo nor the celebrated modernist Architect – are bound by time and space…
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