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I know what you're thinking, WHATTTT?! How the fuck can you say that...but let me explain. My friend just sent me a screen shot of a post made by socialnetworkhell, which points out that there should be no such thing as consensual sex because anything that ISNT is rape.
Does anyone else see the problem with having to differentiate between what's consensual and what wasn't? In fact, does anyone not see the issue that we try to soften the blow of RAPE with a bullshit phrase of "non consensual" because "accusing someone of rape" makes us so uncomfortable? Rape should not be an uncomfortable issue. It's a crime that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. In the words of socialnetworkhell; "you wouldn't say "breathing swimming" and "not breathing swimming", you would say "swimming" or "drowning"." Because there is no such thing as consensual sex. It's Sex, or its Rape.
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I should add in this context person A and B are either two people who met on saturday night or two people who are friends with benefits
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@michaelgr95 when some one consents and continues to consent even if they are nervous that is consent. When two people are drunk and both are consenting and then wake up the next day and ones like oh shit why did I do that it's still consent. You are allow to regret who you ha e sex with (ie ex boyfriend, best friend, total toolbag who you actually hate) but regret in sex does not mean that person will feel like they were raped. Rape is when someone does not consent ever, or in the middle says stop or pulls away or just clearly isn't into it and when the person checks in they say they aren't. Also the idea of a contact is always throw around. Meanwhile asking for consent can't be hot IE do you like when I do that, does this turn you are, how much do you want it!!
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Exactly! Good point there with the pillow talk, I didn't think of that. I just fear one day we're going to lose all sanity and go mad with regulations. XD scheduled sex for every citizen.
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ew .-. talk about greasy lines of work. "I schedule the city's citizen sex system"
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such a good topic and points made here. glad others agree with the way I see it. @michaelgr95 had a good point too that would be messy
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