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The economic situation has been poor, but consistent. Morsi's critics say that he has refused to create the inclusive government they were promised, and that he has demonized opponents. Check out the IMF graph...
I agree, and it goes back to your original point about growth.
I do think that bc it is said that the way an oppressive regime can control an entire population is through ignorance. If you have a public that is both unhappy and educated enough to oppose said regime, then what stops them from doing it?
Makes sense. This is a bit unrelated but I read that if you have increasing education without growth it can be really bad for the political leadership. Do you think that could be true? I know that egypt is a fairly well educated country, which might be adding to political instability.
I believe that in most nations balanced growth will calm unrest. That is not to be mistaken, however, with the thought that any type of growth will be the path to peace. If there is growth but things do not continue to improve for the working class, even if the nation as a whole is growing, there will be demonstrations and social unrest. I have no idea how they have pulled that off short of tapping into military resources
@goyo So you must think that the plan for the future will revolve around growth... I read this morning that suddenly the power and fuel shortages in Egypt have stopped (since the military takeover). How do you think they did this so suddenly?
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