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Lady Gaga and Elton John are starting a fashion and accessories line called Love Bravery in partnership with Macy's. It's described as a "a high-spirited, limited-edition line of clothing and accessories that inspire compassion and combat prejudice" in the press release. A quarter of the proceeds will go to both Gaga's charity, Born This Way Foundation, and John's group, Elton Johns AID Foundation.
Gaga said, in a statement, “We need to make the world a kinder and braver place where men and women everywhere are empowered to live with compassion." John added, "I love the idea of fusing who you are on the inside – your passions and dreams – with what you wear on the outside."
What's your reaction to this news-- did you expect these musicians to form a fashion pair?

A sneak peek of the store space

The Love Bravery Clutch, $59, Macy's.
Love Bravery Skateboard, $99, Macy's.
Love Bravery will be sold exclusively at Macy’s starting this spring until August 30.
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OMG this is going to be a fabulous line. I love Gaga, especially all of that Brandon Maxwell she's been wearing. So slick and classic. Really great designs!