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Hello my readers~ And the first chapter is here! Thank you to everyone who was excited to read this chapter! I got so many comments it was unreal! I am so happy! *cries tears of joy* Sooo...I hope you guys enjoy the first chapter of many of a Fictionless Love! XD (Credit to owners of pictures)! Also, I am on Wattpad! I post my chapters of fanfics a day earlier on there before I post it on here, so feel free to look me up! XD Want to read the synopsis first? I gotchu~ Click here Need to read something else while waiting for the next chapter? Check out my other fanfic Running Towards You here ! (It is my latest chapter but it has all the other ones connected to it!) Ok, now enough shameless promoting (LOL) and on to the story! Enjoyyy XD

Chapter 1 - The Boys From Bangtan

As I slept soundly, unmoving, the sun peaking through my curtains, I was suddenly awoken by my alarm. "Wake up, sleepy head~ Your destiny awaits you today." I internally squealed at the sound of his voice while shifting onto my side. Ooo Jace, I could wake up to your voice everyday! Why can't you be real? I groggily climbed out of my bed and grabbed my phone. I looked down to see the time was 7 am. I turned off my alarm to only be greeted by Jace's glorious abs, first thing in the morning. I started hugging my phone, as if he was hugging me back. I let go, looking back down, staring at my screensaver. You are the only one for me, Jace. I don't need anyone else. You won't betray me, right? I sighed. I should probably get ready for school today. I slowly headed to my shower, turning the water on. I climbed in and quickly washed and rinsed and hopped out. I went over to the mirror and with my towel wrapped around my body, stared at my face. I noticed that I looked physically exhausted, as if I hadn't gotten any sleep at all. I started to pinch my cheeks, grabbing the fat, and puffing my cheeks out. I suddenly thought of him. How he used to grab my cheeks when we talked. How he would call me adorable and kiss my forehead while I was embarrassed, me secretly loving every minute of it. I could feel tears starting to surface. I glanced back at the mirror, staring myself right in the eyes. Gently, I started slapping my cheeks. No. Don't think of him. You don't need to remember him. He has been gone for over a year now! Don't let memories of him get to you. Hwaiting! I stated raising my hands up in fists, cheering myself on. I then proceeded to put on my glasses, my comfy pair of leggings, and my favorite panda hoodie to top it off. I put my hair up into a tight bun, making sure so it would not fall out throughout the day. I quickly gathered my books and computer, making my lunch along the way, and headed out the door. I was quickly met with some of the other girls in the dorm standing in the hallway. They glanced at me and then turned away after realizing who I was. Ignoring it, I headed down the stairs and headed to my first class, Psychology. It is my absolute favorite class so starting off the day with it was the best. I started walking, noticing that a lot of students were already on campus. I saw groups of friends here and there standing and talking to one another as I made my way to my class, the sight of it making me a little sad. I don't have any friends here. After what happened with him, I had decided that the only people that will not hurt me where the ones in my books. Therefore, making friends seemed more like a luxury instead of an necessity. And a luxury I did not need at that. I don't think I can trust anyone anymore. I placed all of my trust in those two and they abused it. They went behind my back and...and... I quickly stopped myself. You do not need to remember that. I then realized that I had already made it to my class. I walked inside the lecture hall and sat down in my usual spot, in the 3rd row from the back. The class had many people in it but that didn't bother me. I don't mind being around others as long as I don't have to interact with them. More and more students started to pile in, rapidly filling up the empty room. Realizing that I made it to class extra early today, I had decided to read my book until class had started. I reached into my backpack to grab it when I suddenly heard screams around the room. I glanced up at the door to see them. The seven boys that made every girl's heart race at the sight of them. The Boys from Bangtan. Every member was different from one another. It kind of made sense why they were so popular around the campus. Jungkook, the youngest of the bunch, seemed like he was the shyest out of all of them. He didn't really talk to others outside of their group. He especially seemed to stay away from girls, as if he was scared of them or something. It was almost funny. V was infamous for being a player. I heard from people that he was once even dating 3 girls at the same time - without them knowing about one another. I don't even know what to think about that. Jimin, was known as being the more outgoing one of the group. He had tons of friends and people seemed to flock to him. He was definitely the most approachable out of the seven of them. J-Hope, was the so called 'clown' of the group. He would crack jokes all the time - everywhere he went there only seemed to be laughter. Suga, was known for his laziness. He would sleep around all day and seemed like he didn't have a care for anything in the world - except for the other boys. Rap Monster seemed to be the smartest out of all of them. He was top of his class and from what I heard, he was the one who brought all of them together. And then there was Jin, the oldest of the group. He was known as the "mother" of the group and always seemed to take care of people, almost like a bad habit. I rolled my eyes at the screams. Do the girls have to do that every time they walk into a room? It was weird at how some of the girls could be so crazy about them. I looked over to see them waving and hugging the girls that were screaming from earlier. I internally gagged. They must think they are all that, I said sassily in my head.
Unaffected by their presence, I continued to grab my book out of my backpack, rustling through my notebooks until I found it. Smiling, I opened the book and started to read where I had left off last night before I had fallen asleep. As Jace reached his hand to touch her fa- Interrupted, I was hit in the back of my head by something. I quickly dismissed it, thinking that it was an accident by someone who was moving to sit behind me. I continued to read. As Jace reached his hand to touch her face, he noticed th- I was once again hit in the head. What the hell?! I looked back to see them. THEY were sitting behind me. They usually sat up in the front with their 'fans' but today, they had decided out of all places, to sit in the row behind me. I noticed that they were all looking at me as I had abruptly turned around. I quickly went back to my book. It was probably just an accident that they hit me. Let's just ignore them. They won't bother me anymore....right? Ok, let's try this again. As Jace - "Hey you," I heard one of them say behind me. I inhaled quietly. Don't turn around. Don't turn around. Don't - "Hey four-eyes," He then said, pushing his finger at the back of my head, moving me forward slightly. I jerked my head around to find that the finger had belonged to the one named Suga. Wanting to avoid confrontation with him, I gave a small smile. "Yes?" I said, trying to be as calm as I could be. What the hell could he want? "Yah, your big head is in my way. It is blocking my view of the board. Can you move or something," He said, with a smirk on his face. I stared at him in shock. Wow, OK jackass. I looked at the rest of them to see them also staring at him, with a look similar to mine. I quickly got up, still flashing my ever-so-forceful smile, and walked to the empty seat at the end of the row, not wanting to deal with his sass. After sitting down, I glanced over to see the other 6 hitting Suga and reprimanding him. Good, he deserves it for being such a jerk. I then noticed that some of them were pointing at me, as if motioning him to come say something. Oh, freak no. I saw him starting to stand up and that was when the professor walked into the door. I breathed in relief. Thank heavens for the professor being on time : that was enough social confrontation for me for one day, maybe even a whole year. The class went by fast as I was drawn into his lecture. It was about how neurons work in the brain and how it transmits and processes messages throughout our body. He went really in depth about it, which would have been boring if I didn't love this class. When class was almost over he dismissed us early, saying that class was done for the day. I quickly gathered my things and started to head to the library. My next class wasn't for an hour and therefore, I decided to go to my secret little place to read in peace and be in solitude. As I walked down the stairs headed towards the door, I was stopped, running head first into someone. I brought my hand up to my head, rubbing where my head hit him, when I looked up to see Suga. I quickly looked down. Damn it, what does he want now? I tried maneuvering around him, but he only matched my movements, leaving us standing and staring at each other. I glared at him and I could see him waver. "Yes?" I said, repeating myself and giving him the same smile from earlier. "I-I" he stuttered while looking at me. I continued to stare at him, waiting for him to finish. "I am sorry for earlier," he said. I relaxed my glare at his apology. "I shouldn't have said it like that. But your big he- OUCH!" He yelled from getting smacked on his head. I looked to see that the one named Namjoon was the culprit of the slap. He then looked at me, catching me off-guard. "Sorry about him. He doesn't seem to know when he says rude things. It is like he has no filter in his head," he said, smiling at me. I started to turn red. "Yah! I am right here. I can hear you," Suga whined, rubbing the back of his head. "That's the point, Babo!" Namjoon replied. This is so embarrassing. The fact that they are talking to me is making me uncomfortable. I have avoided people since the end of last school year, so this is the longest I have talked to someone, besides my family, in a long time. I looked around and I noticed that the rest of the boys were standing before me. I, wanting to avoid any more contact with these guys, brushed pass them, leaving them standing there, after whispering "It's ok," to Suga as I walked through the door.
I hurriedly ran to the library, reaching my favorite spot and practically collapsed on the ground. I had lost the feeling in my legs and my hands were noticeably shaking. I must have been nervous when talking to them, I concluded. I, trying to calm myself down, breathed in and out until I was no longer feeling weak. I audibly sighed and looked back down at my hands. Wow, not talking to anyone for a long time has really changed me huh? How can I be so shaken up after only talking to them for a few minutes? After taking time to breathe, I wanted to start reading again, hoping to shake off what I was feeling. I slumped back against my corner and brought my book up parallel to my face and started rereading from the same point once again. As Jace reached his hand to touch her face, he noticed that she was backing away from him, as if scared of him. She - I heard footsteps approach me. I was puzzled as no one ever comes back to this section of the library. Maybe they are just searching for a book... I peeked over the top of my book to see a guy walking straight towards me. I quickly moved my book back up, embarrassed. Aish. Is it one of them again? I moved the top of my book down once more to see that he was now in front of me. The one named Jimin. "Excuse me~" he said, bringing my attention to his face. I didn't reply but instead just stared at him. He must have been taken aback as he stepped back once, increasing the distance between us. I continued to look at him, not wavering my gaze. Maybe if I just stare at him he will go away... "U-Um...Hyun-Ae?" My eyes widened as he said my name. How the heck does he know what my name is?! He must have seen the look on my face as he started laughing. "What, surprised to hear your own name?" He responded in between his laughs. I, not knowing how to react, looked back down at my book. S-should I say something? "Yah...Hyun-Ae," he said again making my heart skip a beat at the sound of my name. I looked up at him. "N-ne?" I responded almost like a whisper. He slowly inched towards me again and squat down so we were eye level. I quickly moved my book in front of my face, startled at how close we were. "See, that wasn't so hard to respond to me, was it?" He said, flashing a bright smile. "W-what do you want," I stuttered, still not meeting his eyes. Why is he suddenly approaching me like this? We have never even spoken before and now he is here, right in front of me, all up close and personal. "Why are you always alone? Every time I see you, you either have your nose in a book or are sitting by yourself. Why is that?" He asked questionably, throwing me off-guard. What? I am alone because I want to be alone. There is no other explanation for that. Why do you even want to know?! I quickly glanced at my watch amidst all of this and saw that I had 5 minutes before my next class started. I jumped up, causing him to fall backwards, and gathered my things. I gave him a quick bow as I left him sitting there. I could tell by now that I was red in the face. What was that? Why does he care if I am alone or not? I was heading towards the door, questions running through my mind, when I ran face first into someone...again... causing me to fall backwards. I looked over to see that the person I ran into was none other than Jin. Shocked, I froze. Damn it, you klutz! Watch where you are going! He quickly got up before me and reached his hand out for me to grab. I looked at his hand, hesitantly. He smiled and motioned me to take his hand. I slowly placed my hand in his and he yanked me, harder than he probably intended, towards him. I fell into him, practically hugging his chest with my head right under his. I immediately backed away from him and gave him a small bow. "Sorry," is what I left him with as I ran by him not wanting to meet his eyes. If my face was not red before, it was definitely red by now. Just how many times am I going to run into them today? It's like they are everywhere at once or something! As I headed to my class, my mind was racing trying to figure out everything that has happened. Is it because of this morning? Do they want to apologize for Suga? And how did Jimin know my name? Reaching the door right before class started, I went and headed to my seat hoping that I would be left alone for the rest of the day. As I sunk into my seat, my mind could not help but wander back to the boys who had crashed into my ever so peaceful life. Little did I know... That this was just the beginning.

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