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Here we are with another great prompt for the Fairy Tail Giveaway! Today's question is what Fairy Tail character would I want to be stranded with alone on an island!?!? There are many prospects as to who I would chose however I've picked one and only one based on survival and companionship. Here she is!
The maiden of the sky! The always cute, sweet, and beautiful sky dragon slayer Wendy Marvell!
Wendy is my one and only choice for this one! She has knowledge of living off the land from when she was being raised by Grandeeney also from her journey as a child with Mystogan. So im sure she picked up some pretty useful things from those times. I, myself, can take care of all the heavy duty stuff such as providing food and shelter and what not. And if I'm to get injured in doing so, Wendy can heal me, she can even heal me with a kiss!!
And say we are not able to leave the island for years to come. How would we be able to survive being alone for that many years!?!? I already have a solution to that! We start out own little island family! That is another reason I picked her for this one! Yes, she may be considered a 12 year old but technically she is 19 years old if we consider the 7 year gap she lost when she was on Tenrou Island! Either way I can wait to have our kids running around! A few years of just her and I together would be heavenly bliss!
I could name a few honorable mentions but I would be disrespecting my one true love in Wendy! So I'll just leave it at that, oh and remember.....SHE'S MINE!!!!!!! Mods: @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @Thatperson512 @AimeBolanos Peeps: @SAMURXAI @otakudemon @InVinsybll @jessicaferrier @reinshirai @JohnMcCullough
@SAMURXAI pretty much sums it up, they'll put anyone down to make themselves feel better about who they are.
thanks, I'm glad you do as well. perhaps they lash out with the label of evil simply to hide their own dark desires. to try to pretend they are noble for downing others when in all reality it is they who desire the evil thing they are so quick to judge.
@SAMURXAI I saw that too, that was a great card! Right, she's just an adorable cutie. We're just here to enjoy ourselves some. she does seem like a great person to just hang out with, some people just look to much into things sometimes. I will never hide my feelings just so someone else can feel good about themselves. Its pretty cool you understand it man!
@assasingod you speak true. There was a post a while back, someone had selected Wendy has her first sexy fair tail girl and I had admitted to having a crush on her and someone got on there and just made me feel like a dirtbag. Like, I get the age thing but it's not like, I want to do evil things or anything she's just adorable, a sweetie, a wondeful person. how could I not crush on her? so it's just awesome to see you open up and express how you feel without feeling bad I appreciate it
@SAMURXAI be ashamed of Wendy! No way! She has it all from survival instincts to fun to spend time with
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