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BTS Problem

I was scrolling through Facebook calmly enjoying my time and suddenly I see this. It really upset me because this proves how Jin was pushed to the side by many ARMYs and this has happened to other members of Bangtan mainly the older members such as J-Hope, Suga, Jin, and Rapmonster. It seems that all the eldest of the group are being completely ignored by some ARMY who are more attentioned to the maknae line which are Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Now I am not saying that all ARMY are doing this I'm claiming that some are doing this.

Please do not do this to the boys. Without all of them together they wouldn't be the BTS we know and love! The boys are all sexy, handsome, adorable, fun-loving, and by far the most cheerful group.

Now I am not saying you can not have a bias. All I am saying is that you shouldn't ignore either one of the members just because of their style. I mean like come on be mature and think of THEIR feelings and how THEY feel about this.

What would you do if they all decided to disband?

Thank you for your lovely time!

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i love all of the members equally and i do hate how some fans ignore the rest of the members but than again that was posted by koreanboo and they are annoying asf they always start fan wars and sometimes post untrue articles
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@FridaOsorio true Koreaboo is just a typical gossip site
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@AnimeKpopFreak the perfect doctor to check em is Jin
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Their all my bias so I love them all equally馃槝馃槏馃挏 but if they disbanded I would scream馃槫 and cry馃槶馃槶馃槶 I hope they don't馃檹馃檹
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