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Do you perfer to use first point of view or second point of view when making a fanfic? Or it doesn't matter, both is good. Wae am I asking such a silly question? well because I have noticed most of you guys use second point of view when creating your fanfics. It seem like with second point of view, not only you guys get more likes and views, but your fanfics are very interesting and amazing lol. So I'm kinda a newbie to the kpop fanfic world. I'm still learning and all haha. I want people to love and enjoy reading my fanfics. Hopefully I'll get better creating fanfics. BTW If you haven't checked out my fanfic "I Bet You Didn't Know My Boyfriend is a Kpop idol" Part 1 & 2, go check it out. Tell your friends about it lol. Currently I am working on Part 3, which may be the last part? I might release it tonight or tomorrow. OKAY? okay. Part 1: Part 2: ......................

don't touch my faceu

both are good especially when you use them together.
I personally think first person is good, and maybe add some 3rd person,just we get everyone else's thoughts to. But mostly 1st. 😆
Both! :) it's always fun
I prefer 3rd person because, not only can we put ourselves in the protagonist's shoes but we can sometimes feel like a bit of a voyeur. However, 2nd person is great when you want to do a Idol x Reader imagine.
It depends on the story, and making sure you're consistent.
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