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1. Lit

Definition: To say something is wild, fun, crazy, crowded, exciting...used frequently in describing party atmosphere.
Sentence: This party was so lit.

2. Ship

Definition: When you have full support for a couple realistically or not.
Sentence: Wow they are adorable together, I would totally ship them.

3. AF

Definition: As F*ck.
Sentence: We are Goals AF.

4. Squad

Definition: Made famous by pop star Taylor Swift, Squad is an exclusive group of people aimed to look flawless while making others jealous. You want to be in a squad or you're a loser.
Sentence: Taylor Swift has a better squad than anyone else, they're perfect.

5. Netflix & Chill

Definition: To hookup or have sex.
Sentence: I asked her to come over for Netflix and Chill. She declined.

6. Yaaaaaaassss

Defintion: Meaning you completely agree, are happy for, excited for, etc.
Sentence: They're bringing pizza? YAAASSSS. Is my favorite song playing? YAAASSSS. Happy hour isn't over? YAAASSSS.

7. PAP

Defintion: Post A Picture.
Sentence: This pic would be perfect for Insta, PAP.

8. Feels

Defintion: To get into an emotional or reflective or reminiscent mind set.
Sentence: The minute I hear Adele I immediately get all into my feels.


Definition: Finding something incredibly hilarious, ironic, or perfect.
Sentence: He ripped his pants trying to do the splits? DEAD.

10. Trash

Defintion: Something is terrible, mean, inappropriate, not cool.
Sentence: Don't be such trash. Apologize.
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I honestly love using the word Trash all the time, its effing hilarious.