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Mnet has recently announced a show called "Pentagon Maker" where these ten Cube trainees will be tested in their skills of singing/rap, dance, teamwork, variety talent, and mindset. They will upload video clips via MNet and their M2 digital media in order for the boys to accumulate votes.

It is NOT survival show YET members may be eliminated if they do not meet the skill level expected.

The current information is that those who manage to reach the requirements of the "pentagon" graph in those five categories will be able to debut.
There are 24 episodes planned. Every Monday and Tuesday for twelve weeks starting May 2nd and ending July 16. July 16 will be their first concert on a stage with an audience of 10k people and this will also be their last test before debut. There is a teaser out for this show but it's in Korean without subtitles.
I really hope all of the current Pentagon trainees make it through! They've been working so hard so please support these ten amazing boys on their last road to debut!!
I had a terrible time watching No Mercy and having boys eliminated until they formed Monsta X. It hurt my poor heart watching the boys get close to each other and then cry when some get eliminated.
add me please! 😊
Thank you for the tag!
tag me! i wish to follow whats happening with them
Awww I hope all of them make it 😢