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My Studio Ghibli DVD set!!! I got home from work, saw the package on the office desk and went (in my head) "awwwee yay-uh, I know what that is"!!! Also the envelope was addressed to my username, lol which I thought was an especially awesome touch! I'm excited, thank to @InVinsybll, @hikaymm, and @SonTyler and all the other moderator teams, thanks to Vingle for giving us the sweet prizes, but most of all, thank YOU, nakama for participating for liking and commenting on my cards and for being the beautiful amazing people that accepted me and gave me the truest desire to open up and participate. I <3 you guys thanks for everything!!
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Nice, congratulations 👍👏😆
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Very nice man!!!
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Awesome af!!
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Thanks everyone! this weekend total binge fest. I haven't seen but two Ghibli movies so it's gonna be incredible
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This is pretty awesome!
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