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Today is a sad day for ESPN fans across the globe.
ESPN analyst Skip Bayless has announced that he is leaving ESPN when his contract is up in August.
During his tenure at ESPN, one of his biggest contributions in the sports world was as co-host of the show First Take.
Earlier this week, Steve and Skip shared a heartfelt moment on the show with fans across the globe.
“I do want to thank the many people who reached out by social media yesterday,” he said. “Much love — even to the haters. And most of all, I want to thank this man sitting across from me for all he has done for me, and I’m going to shake his hand and tell him what I told him last Friday: I love you, man, and that’s from the bottom of my heart.”
Bayless was talking about his co-host, Stephen A. Smith.
“I love you back, bro, and it’s a great opportunity for you,” Smith said. “I know it. I know you deserve it. And I’ve often said this on many occasions and I’ll repeat it one last time: One of the greatest honors of my career was when you called me and asked me to do this show.
“You will forever be synonymous with ‘First Take,’ my man.”

How big is the loss of Skip Bayless for ESPN?

He will be missed :(
Pretty huge!