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Overall, happy with my results ^^

Note to self: ASTRO seriously needs more of my love!! =^= ♡ Play the game by @mrsjeon here~!

My baby~ ♡♡♡

This feels so wrong... xD Well, he's like a brother to me @ least

Bias wrecker, I knew it! ;D

Rocky, it's your own wedding though...

I'm not THAT repulsive!! (-ω-、)

I guess you could say he fell for me :D


He's eating his feelings


Everyone's giving up on this wedding :,D

maybe I can marry the cake
So things weren't as crystal as I'd hoped but it's all in the game (: ☆ Now go play! ☆ BTW: • Finals are in like 2 weeks and I'm having the biggest problem concentrating so the door games may take a bit ): • I still want to make a point of posting something everyday. • Thanks for being patient, Vingle on~


no Probs voo x3 I'll make a better one next time
@mrsjeon me too :,) Oh welll lol. Thx for the game~~
thank u for playing HURHURHUR ouo lmfao xD I'm sorry about your wedding