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An idol very well known for being extremely shy, Leo also has been seen to have very negative reactions to loud noises. It's not uncommon to see him flinching and shuddering around sudden loud sounds.

Fireworks especially seem to be Leo's life long foe

Most recently you can see Leo facing his enemy once again around the 2:08 point

Somewhat of an unusual quality to find in an idol! Especially one in such a loud group as Vixx! What do you think?

I know how he feels I hate loud noises it's a quality in shy people 馃榿
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this is why always looks like he wants to kill the others, they get too damn loud for him. certain loud noises have me reacting the same way he does though.
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@JiyongLeo Poor baby. It doesn't surprise me though.
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@KAddict and I fully agree that's even more reason to love our Taekwoonie
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@KAddict thats good. i trust vixx will take care of him for all of us
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