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Since Seventeen had their comeback,
"예쁘다 (Pretty U)"
They have been getting more appreciation for their music and all of there effort. But, Not many K-pop fans
(Who don't listen to Seventeen)
know that
Seventeen has 3 units,
Vocal Unit
Hip-Hop Unit
Performance Unit
I feel like we all should appreciate each and every single member with love and attention. Even if you are biased
(Like me xD)
You should take the time to love everyone,

Even if you don't like Seventeen! Reasons why to love Seventeen!

1. 13 Opportunites to find a bias Despite their name, SEVENTEEN is comprised of thirteen members. That’s like, a baker’s dozen of boys to love. And seriously, when a group has this many members, how can you not find your perfect bias?

2. They have UNIQUE units Most groups have one member that specializes in a certain area or plays a specific role, but SEVENTEEN’s different.

3. The Members Produce All of Their Music It's not uncommon for a rookie group's music to be completely produced by their company, So the fact that member Woozi produces all of their songs and has an active role in their recording sessions is definitely a fact to admire.

4. They choreograph all of their dances

Honestly, how talented are these boys? While Woozi’s working on the tunes, Hoshi’s in the practice room crafting the choreography. Talk about dedication!

5. Their Insanely Explosive Energy There’s something special about SEVENTEEN’s energy, whether they’re performing on stage or just hanging out together for a variety show. You can really see that they love being around each other and they’re having fun doing what they do. Watching them appear on anything is basically like taking a part of their fun times from home, and who doesn’t want to have fun with SEVENTEEN?

6. THIS Part of the "Mansae" Choreo Really, do we need any words to explain how amazing this is? No? Let’s move on then.

7. They’re Basically One Big Group of Gentlemen Remember when Woozi helped Ailee keep her balance during her Show Champion win? And how SEVENTEEN leader S. Coups helped bring the chair over for Ailee to sit down on for her encore stage?

8. Minghao's (The8) Flawless B-Boying While every SEVENTEEN member is basically oozing with talent, I really can’t skip over The8’s dancing. Just look at him. *I am very Biased xD*

9. Jeonghan's beautiful hair Even though his hair is shorter now, Jeonghan should really just star in all of the shampoo commercials, all of the time. Pair his legendary locks with his angelic voice and you’re basically never going to keep your bias list straight because Jeonghan is going to ruin it every single time.

10. Mingyu's and Joshua's Drawing Skills Drawing may not be every idol’s forte, but it definitely comes easier for Mingyu and Joshua. Just check out their portraits of fellow members. It’s like staring into a mirror.

11. Their "Talk Times" and Honesty with Each Other Like any family or group of friends, SEVENTEEN goes through rough patches. But instead of keeping it bottled in and letting it fester into something that could detriment the group, the boys implement a “talk time” where they can speak openly to each about what’s been on their mind.

We see their incredible communication skills and vulnerability during this campfire talk scene from SEVENTEEN Project below, where S.Coups speaks on how he feels about another member. The scene starts about ten minutes into the video.

12. THIS Charismatic Pre-Debut Performance SEVENTEEN has an entire arsenal of pre-debut videos from their official YouTube channel, but the “No F.U.N.” performance video definitely stands out. With the vocal unit’s Jeonghan, the hip-hop unit’s Wonwoo, and the performance unit’s Hoshi, the trio’s performance is full of powerful stage presence and haunting vocals.

13. The Intense Battles Of Each Unit During This Game We're all pretty familiar with this game by now, right? It's basically the intiation ceremony for every idol group out there. But how often is the game this intense? And how many groups have Jun and his vaccum mouth? Or DK and his agressive one?

14. The Jamong Song SEVENTEEN displays their undeniablr talent and dazzling charm in a matter of only 5 minutes when they collabrate for an impromptu song session. Although the boys joke around quite a bit while composing "Jamong," you can't deny that it takes a really talented group to craft such a breezy song in this short amount of time. The end product is so good it actually makes you wish the freestyle was an actual track on their album.

15. Their Part- Switch MVs are Hilarious We don't usualy get to see group members switch parts with one another unless they're either joking around behind the scenes or on some kind of varitey show. But SEVENTEEN makes every fan's wish come true with their special part- switch music videos, Where the members not only lipsync to each other's parts, But they even take each other's place in the choreography. (In the Mansae MV Switch, Woozi looks like a kid jumping over Hoshi xD)

16. The Vocal Unit's "Because of You" Cover Okay, I know, I'm not in charge of the Vocal Unit but I have a few things to praise upon these angels. After School's "Because of You" is already an iconic song, But SEVENTEEN's Vocal Unit reimagines the legendary tune and makes it their own in this cut from SEVENTEEN Project.

17. Their Talent SEVENTEEN debuted in May of 2015, And yet it already feels like they've shown us a multitude of talents. From creative performance videos to emotional song covers and fiery mixtapes, The boys are definitely a force to be reckon with. I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for them next!

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@EwSeungkwan Half of them are younger than my daughter......I couldn't look at Minho for the longest time, as he was just too young.
@JaxomB The youngest is a 99 line. They're really not that young in perspective. Also! Most groups start out with "young" members. It's just the passing of time that makes us feel older than them! AND it's even more impressive that they can be young and this talented! :)
They are just little boys still young...