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Hold onto the closest sturdy object Dog lovers, I have some bad news to deliver.
Most dog owners love to show deep affection for their pet. One of the most normal ways human show love for another is with hugs. Since the beginning of time, owners have thought this was a good thing, but that may not be the case.
In an article published recently in Psychology Today, Stanley Coren — who studies canine behavior at the University of British Columbia — makes a sadly strong case against the dog hug, arguing that although humans love embracing their canine pals, the physical contact stresses dogs out.
So everything you hug your dog, you basically make them uncomfortable as hell.
Probably best you find another way to show love to your pet. Doggy treat may be a good start.
I have had many dogs in my lifetime most of them don't care when I hugged them. I think it's how they have been raised and if they trust you or not. You need to have a bond with your dogs to actually see and do that study.
Lol I noticed this when I was younger. They mainly don't like it when you hang on their neck or hold them too tight. But if you just lay your head on them and pet or something they seem more comfortable. Also depends on how the dog is raised sometimes. I had so many litters of puppies growing up and the runt or the one handled most sense a pup love being coddled usually. As they grow up it can change but, I to this day have a golden retrevier that does NOT have a care in the world how he is held pet or anything as long as he's getting the attention he's a happy camper. Personality makes a huge difference too.
Glad I read this before visiting my friend's today. He has the most adorable dog in the world.
@YourConscience because dogs. I mean really that's probably the only reason behind it.
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