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I'm know I'm not the only one with a lot of kpop stuff. I love having a lot if kpop stuff it's shows my support along with showing how much I am a fan.
however I am also a big reader. Today I was cleaning and I had to take some of my books to make room for my boys and 4MINUTE. with B.A.P and B2ST on one shelf. though it will change when B2ST makes their comeback. 2nd bd shelf has all of BTS like all of their albums, concert dvds now3 and summer package from last year. 3rd shelf has GOT7 and Day6 along with VIXX LR. Plus my first light stick BTS. there was now room on the BTS shelf.
my walls are also covered with B2ST and BTS along with Day6. I have small posters of B.A.P and GOT7.
I know I seem to be complaining, but I'm not I'm just surprised that within the three years kpop had taken over. my closest is also been taken over too lol. I have a lot of BTS with 2 hoodied, Jin long sleeve shirt and I just 7tshirts. I have B2st and BAP just more BTS lol.