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What???Mark is BLONDE???? Is this real?????? Someone help!!!ಥ_ಥ Can't breathe...too handsome....Can't process....
I was just about to post this, but it's not on any reliable pages so I didn't lol we will see on tonight show
@Ticasensei I just saw that it said GOT7 leaving pre recording for mcountdown so I didn't know lol but he looks fine. Im not ready....Him and Jackson already slaying me just image how all the Markson fanservice will be like from now heart won't be able to take it!!!
@SusiBosshammer they will be like twins! but I don't know if I'm feeling this, Mark is just so cute with his light blond/brown
@Ticasensei yeah I do like mark with brown hair lol but He doesnt look bad! I hope JB never dyes his hair 😣
He is blond!! He posted a picture of him self on insta and his hair is blonde!! I don't know how i feel🤔🤔🤔