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Hey there yall awesome otakus! Here we are Day 5, next to last for our awesome FTG challenge! Have you guys noticed how fast time flies when you're having a blast, creating and absorbing awesome content like this? I can hardly believe we have one more day before it's wrapped up! Today's super from prompt is asking us the age old question "if you were trapped on and island?" but with a much more awesome Fairy Tail twist! Who would we want to be trapped with? A lot of good cards out there already, with some awesome choices bur honestly being trapped with literally anyone from the show would be great, much better than being alone and certainly raises ones survivability without a doubt. I'm gonna give you my top pick with images and exposition. and then just give some honor mentions. TOP PICK:
Fricken Panther Lily! Why him? Well I'll tell ya, he's from Edolas, a world where resources simply weren't abundant. He wasn't living low caste or anything, he was in the Guard and I'm sure didn't want for much but at the same time, I have no doubt he had to be resourceful in his own right. He's hardened by that experience, he'd be capable at helping build shelter, hunt for game and fish, and heavy lifting. He's got aero magic which is pretty much a game winner right there, even if he couldn't fly us all the way back home, he could move us island to island and I could set up shop while he's resting and regenerating magic power, so we could just hop island to island until we got back to civilization. Also, I think we'd get a long, he wouldn't antagonize me or drive me crazy (looking at you, Natsu), he wouldn't distract me or get me focused on the wrong thing (literally ever Fairy girl I'd get trapped with lol), Gajeel would be out looking for him which would be a bonus, and we wouldn't have to worry about talking a whole lot, like I wouldn't need to entertain me or me him, we could interact and get done what we needed to, bond some sure, but we could keep to ourselves too without going insane I think. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be trapped with a Fairy girl, and have like, romantic and tender moments but, tramatic incidents don't always lead to the most successful romances and I'd hate to start something out of loneliness and desperation only to have it degrade when we were found. Besides I don't know if any of the girls would like me and would want to be that close to me, certainly not when surviving and finding a way home should be our focus, not being lust minded or distracted lol. I'm a hopeless romantic I wouldn't ever, EVER force my feelings on anyone, ever, not even if my survival wasn't guaranteed or my feelings rejected. So imagine I'm with Erza, and I tell her, I have feelings for her and would like to get closer, that wouldn't be the time or place, she certainly wouldn't want to open up when we need to focus on getting out of there and she rejects me, now not only will be surviving and working as a team be more difficult, she'd never like me ever. And if I tried any funny business she'd kill me lol. So none of that would be an issue with Lily. Lol.
Honors! Laxus, again wouldn't distract me, he can teleport with his lightning to find help and would be good for the basics, Hibiki, for his telepathy, and archive of useful info, Jellal, his survivability and he can fly, Loki, because he could pull us into the Celestial world and get help, Mirajane, mostly because she can fly ;), Cana, for her divination and communication, she'd be fun too, especially if we had some rum lol, and Lucy for her spirits, and smarts, Gajeel for his harshness, and Freed for his cooking and flying. Lots of others too.
the tears running down my face because of your writing skills
@SAMURXAI I know I know, I'm just teasing a little man lol
@SAMURXAI your so no nice and I picked juvia becaause I gotta try something on her
Mira for her "flying" and lucy for her "smarts" lol I like your choices man, nice!!
haha idrc I have an A I think @SAMURXAI
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