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This is my first post it probably a terrible post but bare with me~~ So who's ready for KCON NYC 2016?? Who is going cause I know I am!! I'm so excited to see Seventeen and BTS there but mostly BTS, it going to be a dream come true for me! I'm wishing and hoping and praying that I will get the platinum tickets ( ~.~ ik it like $800). I'm so ready for that day to come!! I'll have to start a countdown soon~ I would love to meet new friends there so let me know of you are going!! If you've have been to one tell me about your experience!
Did Anyone see BTS Fire MV Teaser?!?!
Me and my friends are flying out there :) I'm hoping for platinum too! :) my friends want p1.. so let's hang!! :) BTS!
Have Fun!! All I can do is buy their albums... I'll support them that way~
@Cassierchiqua yes definitely
I can't go but omg take so many pictures and i will live vicariously through you lol
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